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I'm happy to see that someone finally decided to stop by. This is my new languages page. I will have updates about it frequently on my other page, as well as on this page if I can make an updates section. I might just list updates right on the main page.
Well, I just started a new language that is better than all four of my other ones. This language will be more complete, have a wider lexicon, and also include lessons so that you can teach yourself from your very own home. Once I advance this language I'll end up puting compositions on my page and I offer you to do the same.

If you find any of my languages that you like and you think that I should begin to further develop, I'd love to hear some feedback. E-Mail me at Wyvere.

Keldârê: The language of the Keldos or "Dark Féríel" was my recent and greatest creation, though the lexicon is very limited, I am confident in the growth of vocabulary over time, as words become needed. If any of you would like something translated, though I doubt that you will, feel free to send it. I have a lot of free time.

Ko'ilidel: The language of the Iliþín or "High Féríel" is my first sister language to Keldârê. The two are similar in most respects. The two langauges have the same sized Lexicon, and that will be posted when it has more words.

Kyldíl: The language of the Kyldoc or "Grey Féríel" is my most recent and most realistic sister language to Keldârê, the lexicon will be around the same size as Ko'ilidel and Keldârê.

Valdíss: The language of the Vampiril. This is my most complicated language, and I fear that it will never be completed, unless any of you want it completed.

Lârvesón Lessons: The language of the Earliest humans, was also used by Féríel when they lived with men. It later became the vernacular of most Féríel. The three Féríel dialects are only used in religious ceremonies and documents.

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Some favorite web pages
Page link Description
The Ardalambion This is a great link dealing with Tolkien's languages. I stole the format for my lessons from this site, and I stole the background for it from him.